SCAB is an online literary/art journal focusing more on a certain atmosphere and certain topics than on specific literary genres or art styles.

It is interested in pieces that are hard to define, pieces that are experimental, self-analytic, wild, heavy and generally fucked-up, one way or another. Erotic, especially homoerotic, pornographic and/or queer content is more than welcome. So is anything by or about junkies, prostitutes, people battling mental and/or emotional disturbances, etc.

The point is this: let it be raw. Let it sting. Let it destroy, actually.

SCAB is here for everything you never want to say out loud but you need to.

Here. Please look at this blog. Pictures and stuff like these are always welcome.


Or go read something by Dennis Cooper, Kris Kidd, Thomas Moore, S. Westwood, Irvine Welsh, Kathy Acker, Juliet Escoria, Hubert Selby, etc., etc.

Better yet! Go read SCAB’s first issue for free here:  https://scabmag.wordpress.com/issues/

For specific submission guidelines, please go to the Submissions page.