SCAB is interested in everything experimental, weird, alternative, fucked-up, extreme and/or queer (in every sense of the word). Erotic, especially homoerotic, and/or gender-bending stuff is very welcome.

Look at this blog. This is the atmosphere SCAB is aiming for. Mostly.


And here are some awesome and forever inspiring writers too:
• Dennis Cooper (http://www.dennis-cooper.net/)
• Juliet Escoria (http://julietescoria.com/)
• Kate Monica (http://kaaatemoooonnnica.tumblr.com/)
• Kris Kidd (https://www.iamkriskidd.com/)

At the moment SCAB is an online project.

SCAB is looking for written pieces in various forms and genres, and artwork. See the specific guidelines under the Submissions tag!